Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Mini Haul

On the 13th & 14th December had a free delivery promotion going on.. I took advantage and bought 2 nail polishes and a nail file. 2 of those are one of a few gifts to my mum and one is a gift to myself!

- The OPI nail polish was on offer for £5 - Christmas holiday collection I think.. Bargain from the usual £9.50. Mum said she's been looking for a nice red nail polish so I got this one for her. I will do swatches next year.. Once she's tried it out lol..
- I been searching everywhere for this teal like colour and found it on ASOS.. It's by Lizzie and it's called Lizzie New Catwalk Nails. A cheap brand which I never really looked at until now! - £1.47.
- Also I got mum a glass nail file by Bourjois. Seriously, I never felt quite fooled when doing online shopping! I never expected it to be a SUPER MINI size! I was expecting something a bit bigger, but it cost me
£2.89 so I can't be really surprised I guess!

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