Wednesday, 3 December 2008

I Found Something!!...

Wooo! Okay so a few days ago I was looking through my mum's mini make-up collection and I came across:
The Body Shop Eye & Cheek Palette!
Now I received this for Christmas last year but I wasn't that keen on make-up and at that time I thought the colours were hideous LOL! So I gave it to mum who barely touched it!

Now this is just simply perfect timing! I was looking for a dark chocolate brown eyeshadow. The one that comes in the NYX trio is not dark enough for my taste or skin tone. I was getting ready to go to MAC and get a really nice golden dark brown but now... there's no need!

The colour next to my love (my love = the dark brown eyeshadow called chocolate - which is available to be purchased alone!) is called golden grey. I love this too, great inner corner eye colour when teaming it up with this IMO!

The 3rd colour, not to interested in it but it's called gold. The blush which barely shows up on me is called golden pink.
Crazy names, ey?!

More pics.. Click to make them bigger =]

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