Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Creative French Manicure?.. Two

So I did my nails a few days ago... Here are the pics:
With no tips:

& then with tips:

Products used:
- Basecoat, Topcoat & Nail hardener All in one by Barry M
- Shocking Pink (NP272) Nail Paint by Barry M
- Matt White (NP66) Nail Paint by Barry M

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kendy said...

Let me tell you some tips on how to give yourself a manicure. You can give yourself a professional manicure at home. All you need to do is search simple tools and tips of the professional manicurists use. Avoid using a seesaw motion. Push back cuticles. Use a cuticle moisturizer if they do not push back easily after soaking. Add a second coat for deeper color.Finish the manicure with a top coat of clear polish.

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