Tuesday, 11 November 2008

A Mini Haul & EOTD

Heyy guys, it's been a while but I haven't forgotten about you all!
I went out to buy a gorgeous new bed yesterday (it was time for a change, I miss my huge bunk already =P) and also went to Superdrug along the way seeing as I was out and about.. I went to get a matt white nail polish.. And just as you would except I went straight to the Barry M section!
Click on the pics to make them big if you want =]
It cost me £2.95! Such good quality for a bargain price!
Here it is:

And just before I payed for this.. I saw Palmer's Cocoa Butter Concentrated Cream on offer!
It was £2.99.. Buy one, Get one free! Seeing as I finished the annoying bottle one I thought I'd might as well get this with a nice easy squeezy tube.. Perfect!

And that is pretty much it! Told you it was mini!..
Here's is my EOTD (Eye of The Day).. Very neutral with a pop of colour, similar look to what I've been sporting for about a month now! Oh and btw my fringe/bangs got in the way of the pic, sorry!


becca said...

hey girl! great blog. how did you manage to line your lower lashline so well? mine never turns out that good! i always want to line the lower lashline, not my waterline. how would you reccomend i do that?

Shortiee31 said...

@becca - Thank-you! I can't really explain it tbh.. Just slightly pull your lashline and adjust at an angle so it dosen't catch the waterline as much. Can't really say there's any tricks for it really! x

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