Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Late B'Day Haul!

Heyy guys!
Yes, I finally went shopping and got a few things that I wanted to get!

So here's what I got..
Click on the pics to make them bigger =]

And before you say.. 'You should have just got the velvet rope set'.. No, I didn't want to get Yeyo (the white pencil)..
The white pencil in the picture is actually the clear lip pencil called Ozone, by Urban Decay - £8.50 =]

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils - £9 :
I wanted Stash sooooo much.. It's gorgeous, really pleased! 1999.. Mmm lovely! Zero, running out of it and will never go to another black eyeliner again (but I have still got my Clinique one to use up =[ ).. Rockstar, I am not sure now.. It's really dark purple, almost seems black to me, bit disappointed but I'll be okay (lol).. The eye pencils by Urban Decay are

I needed a make up brush so I got that since it was £4.99 and it is REALLY soft!
Loreal Voluminous- £6.99, I got that under the recommendation of lollipop26 (check her out, she's on my blog list!) so I will be trying that out once I get through the other mascaras I've got.. It might be a year later but ahh well =]

And also guys today Boots (our massive drugstore) was having this special Christmas evening so if we spent over £50 we get £10 worth of points. I successfully managed to spend that much amount and now I have like £30 to spend, free! All hail Boots Advantage Card! =D
Also if we buy 2 Urban Decay products we save £5. I bought 5 products so I saved £10. Which gave me another £10 to spend.. Wooo! So you could say I got one of the eye pencils for free! =D

Anyways I seem to be high (on excitement) so I am going to try and calm down!
Speak soon guys,
Shortiee x


JJ said...
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JJ said...

Thanks for your lovely comment :) I love having my boots advantage card, I can only ever manage to save up about £3-5 pounds at a time, I have no self control :P xx

smiley13tree said...

ooh the packaging for L'Oreal voluminous is different. I just found that interesting.

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