Monday, 8 September 2008

Mini MAC Haul!

So I finally managed to get my hands on the MAC lipglasses I wanted soo much for a long time now! A good few months actually haha..

Here's what I got! And the pictures you see here shows the exact colour of the product (well it does on mine) but it may vary on yours as your computer settings might be different to mine. On that note I can't believe how different the colour's look compared to what is shown on the MAC site! I looked up the lipglass's and the colour looks nothing like it, definitely only buying in store now (when it comes to MAC)!

Click on the pics to make them bigger =]

MAC Viva Glam V, Tinted Lipglass

MAC Flustrerose, Lustreglass

MAC Girl About Town, Amplified Lipstick

Oh and while I am here sorry for keeping you guys waiting a bit.. But I am afraid it's going to all go a bit slow for a while as I am back to studying again.. It will also be a bit slow on YT too.. Just warning you guys but I will try and do my best whenever I can (won't leave you hanging for long! =] )


JJ said...

How did this lipstick turn out? I always want to get a bright pink, then chicken out :( x

Shortiee31 said...

I love it but do not have the guts to wear it out! I just dab it on lightly and use a pink gloss on top and it looks fine but I am trying to build up the guts to wear it full on still! x

JJ said...

Hehe ok let me know when you do :P x

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