Monday, 8 September 2008

MAC Midimauve & Maybelline Lip Liner

Again, another one of Mum's lipstick & lip liner review - I can't keep my hands of her make-up goods now!

1) Apply your chap stick/lip balm - I used a bit of Vaseline. Apply your lip liner. I took a pic after I lightly lined my lips.

2) Now fill in your lips with the lip liner if you wish to do so and then take your lipstick and apply it! (Click for a bigger pic!)

3) Here's the finished look (taken at an angle)..

Now for the review:

Maybelline, Long Lasting Lip Liner in 43 Bourdeaux (a dark plum/brown colour.) - This too is an automatic lip liner (one that twists and does not need a sharpener). Unlike the Rimmel London lip liner (as a reviewed in my previous post) this is not that smooth and does not go on that easily. The formula actually feels quite like a pencil and is not that soft on the lips. The smell.. Oh the smell!.. It smells quite chemically, quite off-putting tbh! Any good points I here you ask?.. Erm, it doesn't need any sharpening?!

MAC Midimauve Lipstick - It's a lustre. A nice light brown pinky colour. For me it gives me the slight 'pale lips' look I reckon and I actually quite like it! The smell is absolutely gorgeous, slightly sweet Vanilla smell, it's just right! My Mum's been buying this lipstick for as long as I can remember her mentioning MAC (quite a few years) and I can see why! The texture is very smooth and it applies on very easily, love it!

Any other info. on these products then let me know on here or on my YT channel and I will get back to you!

Take care,
Shortiee x

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Beauty Gumbo more than just makeup said...

Thanks I have been wanting to see the Viva Glam up close!

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