Monday, 8 September 2008

L'Oreal Lipstick & Rimmel Lip Liner

To start off with, I am just going to show you how it looks on me and then I will talk about the staying power, colour etc.!

1) Start of with clean exfoliated lips. Apply lip balm/chap stick if you wish. I will be using a bit of Vaseline.

2) Apply your lip liner (I also used the lip liner to fill in my lips). I used Rimmel London, Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in 046 Ultimate - It's a nice brown colour.

3) Now I am going to apply the lipstick. I used a L'Oreal lipstick in 820 Rouge Virtuale. Now this is actually my Mum's lipstick which I sometimes get off her because it's a nice neutral look. I don't wear lipstick much which explains why I don't actually own one!

Click for a bigger pic! x So there's my finished result & the pics of the products I used exc. the Vaseline!

L'Oreal lipstick (Slightly old I reckon because the name of the product has actually gone or was never there haha!). - Very smooth and the colour comes out just as you see it! It smells quite nice, a slight hint of sweetness in there. I reckon because it's so smooth/creamy it doesn't last that long on the lips I feel but otherwise it's quite a good product!

Rimmel London lip liner - Love it! Really smooth on the lips and good colour, again you get what you see with it! Lasts reasonably well I would say, longer than the lipstick perhaps?! I would personally buy this for sure if I were to use a lipstick because it has such a nice texture to it and feels great on the lips! Another + point.. It's an automatic pencil! I am sure I still see this around in drugstores so definitely check it out!

Any other info. on these products then let me know on here or on my YT channel and I will get back to you!
Thank-you for reading! Drop a comment if you have some time to do so =] x

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