Saturday, 30 August 2008


Hey guys & girls, welcome to my new blog! In a way it's sort of my fourth home.. As you know I live in my house, then I live at YouTube.. Also live here at Blogger and a bit at Twitter! As hard as it is to believe, I do have a life haha!
These things don't take much of my time (yet) so I will hopefully be sorting this out so this looks bigger & better!

Expect to see loads of pictures of my eyes as I do FOTD's.. Also look out for my Hauls and Reviews of products I have purchased.
This will save a lot of time for me as I find it so much easier doing everything on the computer and I can always edit my posts so it's all gooood!

Anyways guys.. I am going to have a look around and see what I can do to improve my blog.. Expect to see a few tester posts come and go as I learn!
Speak to you all soon,
Please drop by and leave me a comment if you can =]
xXx Shortiee xXx

PS: Check out My YouTube channel...

1 comment:

Munchies said...

Sorry to see you leave YT, but glad that you're still doing looks on your blog - keep it up. OxfordJasmine

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